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Legal & Litigation Copying and Scanning / Special Handling

Helping legal professionals manage their litigation copying needs

Scanning & Electronic Bates Numbering

Now Available

Litigation copy pricing starting at 10 cents per page. Loose page scans at 10 cents per page & Bates Numbering at 3 cents per page. $20.00 minimum on all scanning & Bates Numbering. See below for pricing table.

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Copying and Scanning continues to be a key service that law firms large or small depend on when involved in litigation matters.

Since 1976, Coast to Coast Copy has been helping legal professionals manage their litigation copying needs. We have the experience, knowledge and creativity to handle your most challenging and demanding orders, whether you have a few file folders or several bankers box’s we can help. Call us with your next litigation copy project, and see the difference years of experience makes.

It is our practice to “Grade” each job on an “A” through “F” scale depending on the difficulty. Below you will find a general criteria we go by to arrive at any jobs given price, we will be pleased to give you an approximate cost.

Pricing Table

Grade A: Low staple frequency (approx. every 25-50 pages). No hand placement, stream feeding or special handling. Basically Clean Auto Feed Originals. Price: .10 Per Copy, Plus .05 to .10 per staple

Grade B: Medium / Low staple frequency (approx. every 12-25 pages). No hand placement or stream feeding. Some special handling. Clean originals with a higher staple frequency than Grade A. All Auto feed-able. Price Range: .11 to .15 Per Copy, Plus .05 to .10 per staple

Grade C: Medium / High staple frequency (approx. every 8-12 pages). No hand placement. Some stream feeding, & Special handling, Mostly auto feed-able. Price Range: .16 to .20 Per Copy. Includes cost for stapling.

Grade D: High staple frequency (approx. every 5-10 pages). Minimal hand placement, mixture of stream & auto feed originals. (Special Handling) Price Range: .21 to .25 Per Copy. Includes cost for stapling

Grade E: Higher staple frequency (approx. every 2-5 pages). Hand placement, mostly stream feed-able originals. Labor Intensive with some auto feed. Price Range: .26 to .30 Per Copy. Includes cost for stapling

Grade F: Very high staple frequency (approx. every 2-4 pages). Perhaps stapled groups within stapled groups. Mostly hand placed originals with little or no stream/auto feed. ** Example: checks, water damaged or fragile originals, receipts, etc. NEEDS EXTRA SPECIAL HANDLING! Price Range: .31 to .45 Per Copy. Includes cost for stapling

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  • Coast to Coast Copy handles legal (litigation) & special handling copy & scanning work on a job by job basis.
  • For labor intensive scanning please refer to our pricing table for rates.
  • Copies will be run on white 20# 8½ X 11 paper with black ink 1 or 2 sided as requested. All prices are based on 11 or 14 inch 20lb. white copy paper.
  • If using 11X17 paper ADD an additional .15 cents per sheet.
  • We can burn to CD’s or a flash drive, or simple files can be E-mailed.
  • Please allow extra time for labor intensive copy & scanning projects.

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